For those who do not want just lazing around the house or at home, we may recommend:

1. Beaches:

The beaches of Marche region are the most beautiful in Italy. Along the 180km of Adriatic coastline you will find both comfortable, paid beaches with umbrellas, beds - lounge chairs and showers, and also stretches of free public beach (spiaggia libera) - clean, often with shower, wide and sandy or rocky coves with lovely sand rags. Everywhere pubs, bars and attractions, such as places to play beach volleyball or badminton. The beautiful beaches of Senigallia are the closest to us - 34km, thus stretching far to the north and south.

The beaches of Marche have the most "eco-labels" - Blue Flags, awards granted to places in Europe, satisfying the highest standards of care for the environment, including water quality, safety, and various services.

2. Pools with attractions. Nearby I can recommend two places:

The first is La Baita (mountain hut), beautifully situated recreation place, with a large pool and all you need to lounge around in the sun with delicious drinks, espresso, ice creams. In the restaurant  very good, local food is served. Located on the mountain, some 1,2 km from our house, with its breath-taking views on Arcevia and surrounding hills.

Second, the L'infinito Country House, just before the village of Osteria - Serra de 'Conti, in the direction of Senigallia, on the right side of the road, about 15km from us. Large swimming pool with a comfortable environment and equipment. Excellent cuisine, I would definitely recommend. The place also for rent a scooter.

3. Others:

The area, with a variety of terrain and stunning views also fosters active recreation, such as biking, hiking, Nordic walking or trekking.


Inhabitants of the Marche region (marchigiani) are very close with the nature and traditions. Therefore the basis for their kitchen are natural products of the fields, forests and sea: mushrooms, game, nuts, wild herbs and local treasure - truffles. The menu includes a lot of foods from all the meat with delicious lamb and sophisticated poultry, even birds (in addition to a variety of chickens, hens, turkeys, ducks and geese ... quail, pigeons, guinea fowl, partridges ...)

Closer to the sea the kitchen is dominated by fish. In Italy, everything that lives in water is called a fish, so fish - pesce  menu features all the fish and seafood. For appetizers - antipasti, for the first dishes
- primi piati with pasta, noodles and rice, for the seconds -  secondi - grilled, fried, in any sauce ... These are the best seafood of the Adriatic Sea, but also most expensive to compare with Mediterranean or Aegan stuff.

Autumn and winter menus are dominated by heavier soups and dishes, in  Spring and Summer they are much lighter, but you are always offered three-course quite hearty meals.

And the Italian desserts (dolci) .... At the end a glass of grappa, limoncello or digestivo. Espresso (café) rather a moment later, after a little walk, in a typical local bar.

Eating out and shopping:

Remember that in Italy siesta is still valid - time off work, during the day. Shops (except from most supermarkets) are closed between 12:30 - 16:30, and are open then in the evening usually until 19:30 - 20:00. Supermarkets, in the season, are open longer also on Saturdays and Sundays.

You can have a meal of the midday pranzo between 12:00 and 14:30, dinner cena from 20:00 - 21:00 (in Autumn and Winter earlier) till very late evening. Except these hours, restaurants, osterias, pizzerias are closed and the streets are quite deserted. In the more busy places, where may appear crowds of tourists you can have something "small" such as pizza di tavolo in a bar, bakery or cafe (many of them are open all the day until late evening).