About Us and the surrounding area:

Casa Vista Chiesa (The house with a View on the Church),  it is more than two hundred years old, but newly renovated, spacious farmhouse. Built of local stone and oak bales, beautifully blends into the landscape of the coastal region of Marche.


Surrounded by hills, forests and fields, far from civilization, promotes relaxation and helps slow tasting Italy.



To the east, between the multi-coloured hills one can see Arcevia, beautiful medieval town, our commune, located on the top of one of them. On the other side of the house, viewed from the comfortable porch and terraces on the south-west  delights the majestic range of High Apennines.

Right next to the house, you can pick truffles, hunt wild boar, hares, rabbits and birds. Very near our house frequent hunting are held every  fall. Marche is famous for its splendid game and lamb. On the mountainous meadows around the house you can see many flocks of sheep and rams, we also have our own badger.


In close neighbourhood to our house (about 50 m) there is a pretty old church, overgrown by old trees, currently undergoing a complete refurbishment, which soon greatly enhances the neighbourhood.


On the way to the shrine and to the top of Monte San Angelo one can visit beautifully situated on a wooded hillside La Baita (a hut), a large, very good still inexpensive restaurant with a swimming pool and sun loungers inviting to the sweet idleness. This place offers wonderful views on Arcevia and the surrounding hills.

We would like to invite you to see and possibly rent our house and to spend there your holidays or just some time of your life in peace and tranquillity. The house is very comfortable all year round,  in summertime it offers a nice chill thanks to thick stone walls, during the winter heating system operates efficiently and live fire in the fireplace gives a cosy, warm feeling and wonderful smell of burning logs.

If anyone considers (as it is very popular now) buying a house in Italy, I would strongly recommend, (based on my own hard experience), first trying to live here for some time to get to know the country and the region as well as Italian reality. We are happy to talk about the less easy aspects and  ups and downs associated with the beginnings of "becoming Italian", buying and renovation of a house or other property, good cooperation with people and institutions etc. Our advice can save you a lot of time, disappointments and money, and a stay in our house during various seasons, also those less easy and beautiful, makes for sure a good exercise, that will help you to take the right decisions.

You are very welcome to come, please also call or write, if you are interested in more details,

Daria and Maciek Kiełbratowscy



The house:

Ground floor:

Previously used as a stable, barn and room for other animals, now - a large, comfortable kitchen/dining room equipped with all necessary utensils and appliances. In the sitting area furnished with a  sofa (if needed turned into a sleep sofa), armchairs and TV you can have a nice rest, also at the same time preparing your meals. Next to this main room there is a large pantry. On the ground floor you find also the main hall and toilet with bath and laundry facilities. From the dining room and hall there are two French doors straight out to the terrace, garden and veranda overlooking fields and the Apennines ...



In the back of the house there is "cantina" (a kind of storeroom, cellar) and a big, old bread oven.

First floor:

Two comfortable entrance stairs lead to the first floor, one (new, constructed during renovation) from main hall, second from the “main door”, as it was years ago, when people lived only on the first floor. You find there three bedrooms, two bathrooms and a large, beautiful, stylish lounge (that can also be turned into a sleeping place if necessary) with a huge fireplace and TV.


(Polish TV, Satellite: Cyfra +, the Polish Radio, Internet)

The area around the house:

Space, light, breath-taking view without traces of civilization, terraces for relaxation and feasting.
Beautiful veranda overlooking the garden and the Apennines encourage everyone to spend a long and pleasant time with a glass of local wine.

The property is fenced with the white plastered wall, with the wide gate to a private car park which can accommodate 5 - 6 cars.

Near the house there is a large, comfortable caravan with kitchen, living room, dining room, two bedrooms and a toilet with a shower. Ready to live.